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DYRESKINN®, Norwegian word for animal skins. Being inspired by Scandinavian interior designers, this brand started in August 2014 with the production of ecologically tanned sheepskins.

These skins are a unique natural product, no fur is the same. A cow or sheepskin gives each room a unique and pleasant look.

Atmosphere at the right place and at the right time. Animal skins are ideally suited to give a certain space more comfort and color.

The DYRESKINN® fleece comes from Dutch, German and British sheep. The fur is a residual product like the rest which can not be consumed. The sheep, cows and other animals are not killed specifically for the fur. The sheep had a free life. Sheep is, after all, a living lawn mower, they are weeding animals that also provide living money. You see them regularly grazing along the highways, they walk freely in the meadow, never in a stable.

DYRESKINN® offers animal welfare at a favorable price making it an affordable accessory for your home, garden or for your business.