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Review Urban Nature Culture Tischlampe Elephant Ø35x52cm

Urban Nature Culture Tischlampe Elephant Ø35x52cm

€249,00 €224,95
Table lamp by Urban Nature Culture, This lamp has the shape of an elephant and is made of aluminum and brass.
5-10 Arbeitstage
schwarz, gold

In many cultures, the elephant is a positive symbol of good luck. In China, India and Africa, it stands for power, dignity, intelligence and peace. In Asia, elephants symbolize a kind of divinity and that’s why – until this very day – religious ceremonies are held where offering is made to the elephants, and they’re washed and treated with special oils, to bless the community with good will. Urban Nature Culture’s Elephant lamp is our ode to this beautiful creature, made of iron and brass and shedding a light on your urban home. Let it share its luck and bring you good fortune.