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A kitchen is only really complete with the right accessories. With our beautiful ceramic tableware from HKliving, bread baskets from UNC, various bowls and bread boards and cool accessories from Brût Home Industrials you can really complete your kitchen.

Set your table with the most beautiful crockery, bread boards and table linen

do you already know what you are going to cook?

that dish or drink tastes so much better with beautiful crockery. Whether you like playful loose crockery or a matching set, beautiful crockery gives your table that little bit extra. The HKliving tableware is perfect for mixing and matching and makes for a stylish table. At least as important is how you present your snacks, we have different colored shelves in different shapes and sizes. Also ideal for eating a sandwich. With our chic and diverse cutlery you can eat your snack in style.

HKliving gallery ceramics: coffee mug lilac/yellow
HKliving 70s ceramics: tea mugs (set of 2)
HKliving gallery ceramics: bowl blue/peach
HKliving ceramic 70's mug
ceramic 70's mug
HKliving gallery ceramics: oval side plate peach
HKliving 70s ceramics: storage jar, reef
HKliving Gradient Ceramic deep plates ø 21.5 cm
HKliving bold & basic ceramics: porcelain dinner plate palms
HKliving 70s ceramics: cappuccino mugs (set of 4)
HKliving marble terrazzo board
marble terrazzo board
HKliving 70s ceramics: cappuccino mug, grass
HKliving 70s ceramics: noodle bowls (set of 4)
Cup "Good morning" raffia yellow
TOLHUIJS Fency wall decoration wall rack 120 x 80
HKliving 70s ceramics: espresso mugs (set of 4)
HKliving 70s ceramics: americano mugs (set of 4)
HKliving Mug 70's ceramic "snow"
Mug 70's ceramic "snow"
TOLHUIJS Fency Package Living room
Fency Package Living room
Good morning cup white or black
HKliving 70s ceramics: coffee mug, frost
HKliving 70s ceramics: dessert plates, moss (set of 2)
TOLHUIJS Fency Accessories Shelves Laser wood
HKliving Cup 70's ceramic "rock",
Cup 70's ceramic "rock",
HKliving home chef ceramics: dinner plate rustic cream/brown