Who are we?

We are Orangehaus, nice and cosy that you are in our digital showroom, very easy and without appointment in these times. In our digital showroom you'll find many articles for indoor and outdoor interior. These are developed and designed by young designers and developers of Dutch origin once an initiative of Philips (1960) who wanted to give these young people a springboard to the big Europe. They still celebrate this twice a year in Eindhoven in the form of Dutch Design Week. We embrace this initiative "Dutch Design Brands" and our challenge is to find a nice portfolio of design products to offer with our webshop throughout Europe.

In recent years, we have seen our company grow from a small shop with many items to a mature online player. What was and is most important to us is that we want to maintain the feeling with our customers and not lose focus on them. Of course, growth comes with the necessary challenges. We have had to adapt our business systems, we have moved to a larger warehouse in Heino and the range has expanded enormously with more larger items and even more beautiful brands.

The A brands that we represent are:
HKliving, Kek Amsterdam, VTwonen, Bepurehome, Wood, Brandthout, Urban nature culture Amsterdam, &Klevering, Ay illuminate, Leitmotiv, Karlsson, Presenttime, Zuiver, Brût Homeware, Tolhuijs etc. In addition, Orangehaus has its own registered brand Dutch Home Designs in which we can offer interesting product-price combinations.

As a company we pay extra attention to the environment, for example by reusing materials and the way the products are created or socially responsible production at the production companies. In this way, people with a distance to the labor market get a chance to integrate into our society and we help to reduce CO2 emissions.

Our top customer service people are personal, do not use "you", "madam" or "sir" for the most part, but are loosely - with some appropriateness, of course - friendly, nice and clear and are happy to help you on your way. Of course, sometimes something goes wrong, but then we try to find a satisfactory solution together. That's our goal, because online shopping should be a party!

Have fun Team Orangehaus

Tjakko owner